Janetha Griffin

I am a passionate and caring teacher. I have been teaching and tutoring Maths, Technology and Natural Science for 16 years. I am also the mom of three boys. I believe that everyone can learn new concepts, given the right environment. I am always on the search for new and updated learning techniques.

Natural Science is one of the best subjects, helping us to understand some of the things happening around us! There are so many investigations that one can do at home, to understand how the world of science works.

Area Pietermaritzburg
Phases Senior (Grade 7 – 12)

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“Mrs Griffin’s lessons are fun. We enjoy the different topics she covers in Maths. I really enjoy the Maths skills videos and the hands on activities that we do.”
– Past Grade 7 learner

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“I had to bridge the gap from home schooling to preparing for an IEB Matric. Mrs Griffin helped me to catch up. Her lessons were so enjoyable.”
– Past pupil Grade 12 Maths Literacy


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