Senior Homeschooling

A balanced structure.
Offered in service:

We provide a friendly and pressure-free environment for students to complete any online curriculum. Bring your laptop and we will provide the structure and guidance for you to achieve your academic goals.

This service is absolutely tailored to the student’s needs; from the subjects covered to the teaching methods. At least a few of the following aspects will therefore be included within this service:

  • Facilitation by a professional teacher/ tutor in the student’s specific online curriculum.
  • Answering of questions, explanation of principles and methods
  • Spontaneous discussion of intellectual topics applicable to work and life.
  • All at the student’s own pace.
  • Encouragement, assistance, impartation of knowledge.
  • A peaceful environment and exposure to different online students.
How it works:
  • Come in for 3.5 hours in the morning to continue with your online curriculum.
  • We will work out a reasonable structure for you to progress in your work and reach your desired goals in time.
  • The 3.5hour slot is flexible to occur at any time in the morning and it does include breaks.
  • The amount of morning sessions per week are ordered monthly in advance – refer to the packages for pricing.

Based on the amount of sessions ordered per week. Packages are ordered and paid monthly in advance.

    • 1x session per week: R1800/month
    • 2x sessions per week: R2880/month
    • 3x sessions per week: R3510/month
    • 4x sessions per week: R3960/month
    • 5x sessions per week: R4500/month
Current location for group sessions:
Winterskloof area, Hilton, KZN

Other venues may be made available upon request of 3 or more students.

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